Jo Land

Jo Land was born and brought up in Suffolk.

After completing an Art and Design Foundation Course at Suffolk College, she began studying Three Dimensional Design at Farnham College before completing a degree in Ceramics at Falmouth College of Art in Cornwall. After graduating from here in 1997, she spent a year working with Anita Besson both at her gallery and home before embarking on a gap year which lasted five.

During this period she visited Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, India and Nepal studying various ceramic techniques along the way. Jo then spent 3 months completing a residency at Joetsu University in Niigata northern Japan before spending a further 3 months working in a pottery in Koishiwara on Kyushu, Southern Japan.

From here she travelled to Australia where she spent three years undertaking an apprenticeship with Robert Barron in Victoria learning to woodfire on a large scale; firing his 1,000cft noborigama kiln twice a year.

After returning to the UK in 2004 she spent 2 years working alongside Micki Schloessingk, who specialises in woodfired saltglaze, at her idyllic Pottery on South Gower.

In 2007 Jo moved to Aberystwyth in mid-Wales where she now lives and works.