Jo Land

Jo Land produces hand made ceramics which are woodfired and saltglazed.

The pieces are thrown on a momentum kick wheel, raw glazed and once fired.

After packing the kiln for three days it is lit and allowed to heat slowly overnight. For the next two or three days and nights, it is stoked every few minutes with wood until it reaches the desired temperature of around 1300 degrees centigrade.

At approximately 1250 degrees centigrade salt is introduced to the firing and allowed time to melt onto the pots and create a surface which, along with the melted wood ash, gives each piece it's own unique character.

Despite some pieces being glazed the same, they can vary enormously depending on their position in the kiln and their proximity to the flame, ash and salt.

As a result, each piece is placed carefully and deliberately in the kiln and is made with this relationship in mind.

It is an exciting process and endlessly challenging.

The outcome is never up to the artist entirely but always a collaboration with the kiln and the surrounding elements.